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Who We Are

XS Worldwide, having the experience of 20+ years, became one of the leading exhibition stand design companies in India. While expanding its network of facilities in Europe, UAE, and India, XS Worldwide established a US Office in 2017 and continues to become a respected brand name, embracing technology and expanding its marketing capabilities.

In March 2019 XS Worldwide establishes its Daughter company, XPO Solutions Worldwide in Poland with its own production facilities and a dedicated team of project managers, material handlers, and experienced production associates.

Introducing Sustainability With Modularity

“Sustainable development meets the needs of the current generation without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs.” (Source: the Brundtland report 1987)

With a massive design and production facility in Poland, we are revolutionizing how our exhibitors save money, reduce waste and fight climate change altogether.

We are also piloting an innovative approach to sustainable exhibit design that helps us weigh and measure the environmental costs and benefits of mindful sourcing, shipping, storage and reuse of materials for our clients.

Our new beMatrix frame system is totally modular, so there is no limit to the variety of exhibits that can be constructed! It starts with the design: your drafts are translated into a technical drawing. Detailed lists and clear assembly drawings will make you save valuable time during the building. With a large stock available, the production and material handling are done in-house, making it a more sustainable and cost-effective approach. This allows the customer to enjoy a very quick turnaround time.


beMatrix Modular System Training

beMatrix Modular System Training

CareDx | 20 Sqm | ESOT Congress 2019

CareDx | beMatrix Modular System | ESOT Congress 2019

Bespoke Stand Design

Rigging and Truss

Neopharma | CPhI MEA 2018

DSEI 2019 London | India Pavilion

MSPO 2019 | Marvin Group

MSPO 2019 | General Dynamics

DSEI 2019 London | IAG

Commitment to Quality, Consistency, Sustainability and Methodology.

As designers, fabricators, engineers, and marketers, XPO Solutions Worldwide has no boundaries in terms of creativity. Focus on your brand enhancement while we implement the same on your trade show booth experience.

We believe in your vision and optimize on eliminating problems for anything you want to create. our utmost priority is to please our clients in experiences that resonate.

It's Much More Than Exhibitions

It’s about telling a story. We are a leading experiential marketing agency that brings your brand face-to-face with consumers. We are designers of experiences and architects of ideas.

We are innovative because we don’t rely solely on traditional “green” exhibit practices, like using only natural or recycled content materials and ensuring they are recycled. XPO Solutions Worldwide also considers where materials are coming from, their embodied carbon footprint and anticipated lifecycle to make better, more sustainable choices that can specifically be measured.

MSPO 2019 | USA Pavilion

MSPO 2019 | New Hampshire

MSPO 2019 | Cubic Corporation

SK Biotek | CPhI Worldwide 2018


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